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What is incense?

If you haven't heard much about incense, you might assume it's only for religious or mystical types. If so, it's time to learn about how incense can become part of creating a great atmosphere for your work or home.

Maybe you use those plastic, plug-in air fresheners? Incense is basically the same thing. You simply buy a long incense stick about the length and thickness of a big spaghetti noodle. You then insert it into a incense holder, also known as a incense burner. When you light one end it will slowly smolder and the smoke will release a rich, full-bodied smell that is more effective than artificial air fresheners.

Of course, using incense is nothing like smoking cigarettes or cigars. People all over the world have used various types of incense for thousands of years because they recognize the richness and beauty of these natural air fresheners.

Incense Types

The types of incense available differ in their physical form and obviously in their smells. The most common types are incense oils and incense sticks in various sizes. However, you can also buy cones that burn the same way or even use incense oil. The ways to burn the oil range from dishes that sit above candles or metal rings that sit above a light bulb. Frankincense incense and herbal incense are the most popular types.

When it comes to the fragrance, incense comes in almost any flavor you can imagine. Some of the best include the smell of rain, jasmine, mint, cinnamon, almond, and nearly every food flavor that exists. Myrrh incense and bakhoor incense are also popular. Many people also enjoy blending fragrances—burning two different types of incense at the same time to enjoy both smells. This is one of the best things about incense—you will never run out of new or exotic fragrances to try and you can always experiment with more.

Where to Buy Incense

To purchase wholesale incense is simple. If you are simply looking to buy incense for your own use, you can probably find a local retailer that carries incense near you. The obvious advantage is that this allows you to smell the product before making your purchase. But the internet has made it possible for everyone to buy incense wholesale at much cheaper prices. You will also find the widest selections available when you buy wholesale online. As long as you chose a quality source, you won't be disappointed with the fragrances or the results. Find a quality wholesale source online and start enjoying the benefits of incense today!

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