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Essential Oils

About Essential Oils

As people increasingly recognize the important role that natural healing can play in restoring and maintaining health, it's only sensible that essential body oils must have their place. Once you try this wonderful type of treatment, you're sure to make more use of it.

What is an essential oil?

Essential oils are simply the distilled form of different fruits, herbs, and other plants. Using basic methods, it's possible to extract the essence out of these different plants and reduce it to a pure oil. Essential oils are made from lavender to lemon grass, and the results carry both the wonderful smells and the rich essences of these plants and herbs.

Benefits of Essential Body Oils

Essential oils can benefit your body in one out of three ways—either by being absorbed into your skin, or by aromatherapy, or by being taken internally. Essential body oils are clearly used in the first two ways. Not only can the rich, refreshing smell uplift and energize you, but these wonderful oils are able to come directly into your body through your skin.

Variety of Essential Oils: Aroma Therapy to Massage Oils

Of course, there are different types of essential oils. You can buy the oils and mix them with other basic ingredients (essential oil blends) to create your own lotions, creams, or soaps. You can also buy other products that have been mixed for you, using essential oils according to your needs. Some products are intended more for aromatherapy while others are concerned with massage and with the resulting absorption of the essential oils. Of course, there is also great variety in the different plants that the essential oils are made from including flowers such as roses and fruits such as lemon.

Finally, some people can be surprised by the costs when they go to purchase essential body oils. There are three things that you must recognize. First, a small bottle of essential oils will last a very long time. The product has been distilled and concentrated, and a little bit goes a long way. Second, you should also consider buying in bulk rather than in small amounts. There is typically a huge difference in price the more you buy. Finally, recognizing the power of essential body oils, you should view them as an investment in your health and well-being. People pay extraordinary amounts of money for the synthetic drugs they buy. At a fraction of the cost, you can enjoy essential oils that are refreshing, energizing, and natural.

Essential Oil Types

Typical essential oils are rose oil, lavender oil, lavender essential oil, massage oil, aromatherapy oil, eucalyptus oil, fragrance oil, cinnamon oil, organic oil, sandalwood oil, jasmine oil, frankincense oil and lemon oil.

Where to Buy Essential Oils

You can purchase essential oils on our Essential Web Site.